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A leading cause of eye injuries in the workplace today is dust and debris. According to OSHA, a safety goggle is the only effective type of eye protection from nuisance dust because it creates a protective seal around the eyes. But safety goggles aren’t always comfortable and they are certainly aren’t stylish. The best and most comfortable defense against dust and debris is foam-lined safety glasses. In one product, it combines the best features from both the traditional safety glasses and safety goggles.

Foam-lined safety glasses enclose your eyes completely and securely and comfortably seal to the face with a foam lining that prevents nuisance dust and debris from entering your eyes. The X8 are foam-lined safety glasses and they are the latest in the robust collection of BrandX Safety (BrandX) eye protection. Extremely lightweight, the X8 protects workers from impact and minimizes potential exposure to dust and other airborne particles. It has a removable, soft foam gasket with top and bottom vents that allow for an increase in airflow in order to minimize heat buildup.


The X8 has a clear lens and BrandX’s advanced anti-scratch and anti-fog coating technology, offering great optical clarity in the toughest environments. An attachable goggle strap allows for a tighter fit so the safety glasses can fit snug and secure.

· Clear lens with a clear frame

· Lightweight

· Detachable vented gasket with EVA foam

· Detachable temples

· Detachable goggle strap

· Screwless hinge

· Anti-scratch coating

· Superior anti-fog coating

· Ansi Z87.1 2020 Safety Glasses


Safety glasses alone will protect your eyes but not give you the thorough seal a full goggle can. The X8 gives a low profile and almost complete seal to the face and it can be used almost anywhere. The X8 is especially important in construction, manufacturing, and PHARMA/labs.


To learn more about BrandX’s X8 foam-lined safety glasses, visit our website and check out the X8 spec sheet.

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