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About BranX Safety

Our management team roster includes safety industry professionals, engineers, eye-wear manufacturers, and most importantly, safety glass end-users. BrandX Safety (BrandX) puts a heavy emphasis on getting critical input from our network of actual users in establishing each new benchmark in safety glasses. The result was a list of five No-Compromise factors we engineer into every model of safety glasses we create:


  • Lightweight

  • Excellent field of vision

  • High-tech lens technologies

  • Affordability

  • Durability


The BrandX vision has led us to develop a superior brand of safety glasses that boast fashion-forward style, the top lens technology in its class, and high-performance anti-fog coatings. And with all that said, we remain continuously compliant with the latest ANSI standards.  


BrandX offers eye protection that goes above and beyond, with industry-leading features such as our blue lens technology and virgin resins that create the most comfortable, visually appealing, and lightweight frames possible. In addition, 100% of our lenses include anti-fog and anti-scratch coatings.


At BrandX we pay attention to the little things that will help workers stay comfortable and work safely without breaking the bank.

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