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You are capable of anything. Time for your gear to match. Ditch the ugly, uncomfortable eyewear and enter the world of BrandX Safety (BrandX) eye protection. Protect your eyes from the hazards of life while looking and feeling great. Designed to be worn on and off the job, you won’t find a more complete pair of glasses.
Do not accept anything less, upgrade to BrandX !

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Work in construction? In the lab or pharma space? On the water or in the maintenance shop? No matter what you do, your eyes are indispensable. Start exploring one of the industries below and if you don’t see your specific workplace mentioned, give us a shout and we’ll make a recommendation.


This is not smoke and mirrors (although you can see your reflection on some of our lenses). This is authentic, embedded technology that makes our glasses second to none. In fact, spend some time with our glasses and you’ll fall in love with their features. All BrandX Safety lenses come with anti-scratch and anti-fog technology but that’s just the beginning. Check out our selection of Polarized lenses that reduce glare, our Neutral Gray that intensifies the contrast of colors or one of our other amazing tech options:



A new day for safety! With BrandX, there is no beginning or end to life's adventures. Join the BrandX Nation to subscribe for updates and follow us on Instagram and FaceBook, @brandXsafety.

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