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Increase Safety Compliancy in the Oil & Gas Industry with ‘Feel Good’ Safety Glasses

Whether running machines, drilling, or handling caustic chemicals and fluids, safety glasses and / or safety goggles are a must on the worksite. “When worn alone, face shields do not protect employees from impact hazards,” notes OSHA’s Eye and Face Protection eTool. “Use face shields in combination with safety spectacles or safety goggles, even in the absence of dust or potential splashes, for additional protection beyond that offered by spectacles or goggles alone.”

Workers in the oil and gas industry are subjected to many hazards. They deal with powerful equipment and flammable chemicals daily. These hazards pose a threat to eyesight and eye safety. Potential threats include:

  • Heavy equipment

  • Hot liquids

  • Grinder fragments

  • Sun and glare

  • Falling debris

Interestingly enough, even with all the threats, the injury rate is surprisingly low. This can be credited to the industry being highly focused on safety programs, safety mentality, and safety equipment. Supervisors and workers in the oil and gas industry understand the importance of research to find the best safety glasses and / or safety goggles to protect from threats. While proper selection is very important, it is also crucial that workers wear eye safety protection consistently, and for that reason, comfort becomes essential.

If you are buying safety glasses and / or safety goggles for your team, it’s essential to find products that your team will feel good about wearing all day long. Safety glasses that are comfortable, durable, easy to clean, and attractive lead to compliance and satisfaction. As with any personal protective equipment (PPE), workers will not use safety glasses if they’re unattractive or don’t fit well. Just as important as look and feel, lenses with incredible optics help workers perform at their best level without fatigue. The right lens will help against the threat of sun and glare. Lenses should have anti-fog and anti-scratch coatings. Polarized lenses that reduce glare are a good option or a neutral gray lens that intensifies colors' contrast.

Selecting the best safety eyewear lets your employees know that your safety program is dependable and top-notch. In order to find the right safety glasses and / goggles, visit:

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