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A Guide to Choosing the Best BrandX Eyewear for You

At BrandX, we offer a variety of lens technologies. If you’re unsure what type of lens would best serve your needs, check out the guide below. To make your decision easier, we’ve also categorized our lenses by industry so you can find our best picks for construction, oil & gas, manufacturing, pharma/lab, and marine employees.

Amber Lenses

Amber lenses excel in moderate- to low-light environments. They provide great depth perception, which can be extremely beneficial when trying to make out small objects from a distance. Their contrast-enhancing properties improve the visibility of objects around you, making your surroundings appear brighter.

Great for: hunting, golfing, cycling, fishing

Blue Lenses

Blue lenses enhance the contours around objects and provide stunning color perception. They’re also practical in preventing eye strain — blue lenses can have a calming effect on the eye because they reduce glare and protect the eyes from UV rays and blue light. Our BrandX blue lenses filter approximately 90% of high-energy blue light.

Great for: general use, winter and water sports, construction workers, roofers, drivers

Brown Lenses

Brown lenses are perfect for the sunny outdoors — less than 15% of light passes through our BrandX brown lenses. They can reduce eye strain by blocking blue light and helping improve depth perception. They’re great for activities where distance needs to be judged and will help enhance contrast against green landscapes and blue skies. Our brown lenses are high definition for crystal clear clarity, superior UV filtration, and accurate color clarity.

Great for: driving, racing, golfing, fishing, construction workers, roofers

Gray Lenses

Gray lenses are versatile enough to thrive in both sunny and cloudy outdoor conditions. Their neutral color has many anti-fatigue benefits such as glare reduction. Gray lenses also have the benefit of true color perception, meaning the color of objects can be seen in their truest form.

Great for: general use, fishing, driving, outdoor activities, installers, roofers, construction workers

Red Lenses

Red lenses block blue light, thus comforting the eyes and helping to improve visibility. They enhance contrast and detail while improving driving visibility. Red lenses work best in bright, outdoor conditions.

Great for: winter sports, drivers, roofers, construction workers

Green Lenses

Green lenses enhance contrast by filtering out blue light and transmitting brilliant color accuracy. In brighter sunlight, these features help reduce glare and eye strain. They also can help brighten shadows, making them great lenses for both sunny and low-light environments.

Great for: general use, water or field sports, cycling, skiing, construction workers, roofers, drivers

Polarized Lenses

Polarized lenses substantially reduce glare, which is perfect for anyone on the water or in the snow. They increase visual clarity and protect your eyes from UV rays. At BrandX, we offer brown and gray polarized lenses.

Mirrored Lenses

A mirrored coating adds style to any pair of sunglasses. It also serves as a one-way mirror, so other people can’t see your eyes. Mirrored lenses provide superior UV protection and are also great at reducing glare. Because they tend to use multiple layers of anti-reflective coating, they are typically more durable and scratch-resistant compared to untreated lenses. BrandX offers blue, brown, gold, red, green, and silver mirrored lenses.

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