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How to Protect Your Eyes from Digital Screens

Many of us spend several hours per day looking at screens, whether it be on a computer, phone, TV, or monitor. Because the pandemic has forced many people to work remotely and most live events to go virtual, most of us have seen a great uptick in our screen time. You won’t be shocked to hear that this isn’t great news for eye health.  Spending too much time looking at a screen can cause eye fatigue, dry eyes, blurred vision, neck and shoulder pain, and headaches — all of which cause discomfort and affect your productivity.  Of course, spending less time looking at digital screens is a great way to protect your eyes. But for many occupations, employees have no choice but to be on a screen all day. If this is the case, there are many ways to reduce digital strain, including blinking more, adjusting your computer’s brightness and text size, reducing glare, taking breaks, and ensuring your glasses or contacts are the correct prescriptions.  It should come as no surprise that eye strain has a lot to do with your eyewear. Here’s how BrandX Safety glasses are built to help with digital strain:

  1. Blue light filters. Although the sun is the largest source of blue light, digital devices emit a great amount of it as well. Blue light is a short-wavelength visible light that puts a strain on the eyes. It’s a good idea to invest in specialty glasses, like BrandX, that help block out blue light. Our blue, brown, gray, and neutral gray lenses feature technology to filter out this harmful eye strain agent. 

  2. Perfect optics. Glasses with imperfect optics alter light that passes through the lens, causing the refraction angles in the retina to change and your eyes to experience strain. All BrandX glasses have perfect optics and a perfect optical center. This means that light passing through the lens suffers no net deviation. When you put on a pair of safety glasses with perfect optics, your eyes register an extra layer of protection and naturally begin to relax. Goodbye, eye strain!

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