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It’s Construction Safety Week! Let’s Talk Eye Protection.

Construction workers suffer the highest rate of eye injury among any other industry. If you work in construction, you know your line of work puts you in constant contact with just about every eye hazard: impact, ultraviolet radiation, infrared radiation, liquid splash, and more. The two main reasons for eye injury in construction are not wearing eye protection and not wearing proper eye protection.

Not wearing eye protection is extremely hazardous in a high-impact industry like construction, though more common than you might think. For this reason, safety eyewear education is a must for construction employers. Workers need to understand why proper eyewear is absolutely necessary, and what type of protection to wear for different tasks. When protective eyewear is distributed to employees, it’s imperative to also provide guidance on how to properly wear, store, and clean them. Employees should perform regular maintenance checks on their eyewear to look for scratches, cracks, and other signs of wear and tear that means it’s time for a fresh pair.

Wearing the wrong type of eye protection is often just as dangerous as wearing no protection at all. Many workers try to get away with just wearing prescription eyeglasses. While prescription spectacles, as required by law, are impact resistant and can protect eyes from wood chips, nails, rocks, etc., they don’t protect from smaller particles such as dust, sand, and dirt.

BrandX offers a variety of safety glasses made specifically for construction. In order to be effective, eyewear should fit properly and comfortably and allow air to circulate between the eye and the lens. We offer a variety of lenses for indoor and outdoor environments, and all of our glasses have anti-slip technology on the bridge and temples. The goal is to forget your eyewear is even there, keeping you safe, efficient, and comfortable. Additionally, all BrandX Safety eyewear meets ANSI Z87.1 Safety Standards

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