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Dielectric Safety Glasses Protect Eyes from Electrical Shocks

Working in close proximity to electricity comes with serious hazards. Whether you’re a power lineman, electrician, engineer, or technician, you know the importance of safety on the job. Every piece of equipment on your body should work to protect you, and it’s especially important to protect your eyes.

Dielectric safety glasses do just that. In addition to meeting stringent ANSI Z87.1 safety standards, like all BrandX eyewear, dielectric glasses are made with 100% non-conducting materials. They protect the eyes from electrical arcs that could form when working with heavy machinery or power lines.  

In the event of an electrical accident, dielectric eyewear could be the difference that keeps you from permanent vision damage or loss.

Unlike metal-based materials, dielectrics do not conduct electricity; they serve as electric insulators. When placed within an electric field, they stop the flow of electric charges and instead cause those charges to slightly shift from their average equilibrium positions, resulting in dielectric polarization. In simpler terms: dielectric equipment greatly reduces the power of lethal electric charges.

There is enough to worry about when working in hazardous, high-impact industries don’t let safe eyewear be one of those things. BrandX dielectric safety glasses are equipped with anti-fog lens technology and light filters that reduce eye strain and fatigue. So sleek and lightweight that you’ll forget they’re there, keeping you productive and safe on the job. 

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